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1. You are on the planet of Arrilean. There are two continents Alindria and Merca. Loma is an independent island kingdom off of the southern cost of Alindria. There is one sun and two moons, Derin and Verin, the latter barely being the larger of the two.

2. It has been about five years since the last Great War. Three litch magi, known as the witch kings, amassed an army of barbarians, goblins, orcs, and undead in an attempt to take over all major continents. They were eventually defeated, however, not without major repercussions. The land is now in a state of post apocalyptic recovery. Most of the major races have been thinned out and most of the land has reclaimed the smaller cities that were wiped out or abandoned during the war. Because of this, magic has been warped and runs wild, changing creatures and the landscape in both fantastic and horrific ways.

3. Steel is not abundant but not terribly hard to come by in major cities as some tools and weaponry were reclaimed after the war.

4. Because of the overuse of magic, it has become thinned and widespread over the land so that almost all creatures now have a small level of inherent magic within them and, therefore, level one and two items can usually be found in most civilized cities along with minor potions as well. However, higher level items and spells are much harder to find or to make because of the over use and consequent transformation into a chaotic nature of the magical weave during the war. The name for the common magic is called “inherent magic” and the magic that was morphed during the Great War is called “high magic”. The “inherent magic” is the reason most creatures can regenerate wounds using healing surges.

5. Those who have healing powers usually have become adept at helping to bolster the inherent magic inside of others, encouraging them to heal on their own with power lent by the caster, but those who have learned to channel the gods powers again in the form of clerical healing or use powers from the land to bring forth healing magic usually find themselves sought after relentlessly by friend and foe alike.

6. Most healing is done now through medicinal herbs, inherent magic, and first aid more than clerics and high magic because of the destruction of all but the higher gods. Many healers rely on herbs or alchemy for much of their healing. As well, because of the uncontrollable nature of high magic, powerful magi have become rare and extremely high-level magical practitioners are very rare. After a war of such high magic most races of Alindria are happy for this rarity. Mages have become rare not only because of the difficulty in tapping into high magic but also the loss of the magical texts and rituals that were lost in the fires of war.

7. Only the major gods are still around, many being destroyed during the war as the gods had to intervene to help defeat The Witch Kings, lest the planet be destroyed. Use the gods in the FR Players guide.

8. Most towns are now just small villages, with only a few major cities in each region, rising from old fortifications during the war, being centered on certain resources needed for the population. Only in recent years have trade routes become opened again. Major cities are Valindril the human city on the west coast, Starport the trading post on the eastern sea, Rainhollow the hafling city built across a river, Tirian the great desert oasis, Icevale the northern fishing city ran by seafaring dwarves and humans, Griffenglade the Dragonborn city built into the mountainsides, Arril the city in the steppes, and Pinekeep the city on the lake hidden in the northern pines.

9. Areas are broken into regions. These are loose associations of cultures that survived after the war. Most people stick to this regional heritage and even most caravans do not travel outside of their home region. The few that do only trade with one or two surrounding regions as most people distrust most travelers, although they do not turn them away as any goods or gold a peaceful traveler may bring is welcome in this world where survival hangs on a thin line. Monsters also abound outside of the city. Some areas, such as The Flowerblossom Fields, are land claimed by kings of great cities such as Valindrial.

10. Races-
Humans- Humans are now restricted more to the coasts on Alindria and are the primary race on Merca. They build grand cities and are consumed with building military empires to amass wealth. There is a darker skinned race in the deserts of Sumeria and they rule most of the major cities of the desert resorting to slavery as a means to gold.
Elves- Elves have become farmers and traveling merchants that have established small hamlets next to or just inside the borders of a few great forests where they can easily hunt, gather, fish, and farm. They have a love of trading and practicing healing arts and some say that because of their knowledge of the natural healing herbs of the forests that the elves are the greatest healers in the land. The darker skinned Drow live primarily as slavers and thieves in the region of Sumaria. They like to come out at night when they can use stealth to their advantage to steal or to capture slaves and, likewise, have become talented assassins and bounty hunters.
Dwarves- Most dwarves moved north into the mountains after the war, being distrustful of most. They mine the mountains of the north, supplying most of the world with iron and gold. They are the greatest smiths in the land and they made quite the living during the war forging weapons and being hired as mercenaries. Some have become so used to the northlands that they have begun to experiment with cold magic and rumor has it that some of them have become quite proficient in doing so.
Dragonborn- Were key in helping to defeat the Devil Kings armies but have since moved back to the Northwestern part of Alindria to their great valley cities between the mountains. They, like the dwarves, are a reclusive group who are distrustful of most outsiders, but this powerful group maintains the notion of helping the other good races when the need arises.
Haflings- Haflings are known as river folk on Alindria and live primarily in small villages where they fish and trade along the great rivers on the center of the continent. They either raft down the river to trade their goods with other towns or you can see them in great caravans roaming up and down the rivers or across the prairie selling their wares, though most don’t travel far from the river or a trusted village.
Eladrin- Eladrin recluded back into the Feywild during the war but some have started to come back out through the fey portals of the Feylight Hinterlands and are exploring the world again. Most can tap into the natural magic of the world that other races have lost. They tend to settle near the races of their elven cousins, however, preferring to live inside the forest itself, establishing small villages in the canopies of the trees rather than on the ground. This allows for easy defenses, since the only way into most cities is by teleportation.
Tieflings- Are usually the offspring of warlocks that have made infernal pacts with demons. The tiefling child is a consequence of this pact. With the wilting of magic in the world, more and more people are doing whatever they must to acquire power. This includes making bargains with eldritch creatures. Most tieflings are looked at with a sort of uneasiness under the best circumstances and, because of this, most have located to the bigger cities in the south east, especially the Sumerian Desert cities, where they are more accepted.
Genasi- The elemental born are also a consequence of a warlock pact with the beings beyond the stars in the elemental chaos. The child is usually touched with the elemental nature of the entity that made the pact with the parent, but most grow to master several elements. Genasi are fond of traveling and most are nomadic, tending to not stay in one place for very long. Because they are rare, usually you see only one wanderer at a time, although groups of two or three are not too uncommon.
Wilden- The nature beings are the last consequence of the pact made by a warlock. These children are the offspring of a warlock who contracted a fey pact with a natural spirit. Most find the hard trappings of the Feylight Hinterlands as a modest home, but with growing danger in that great expanse of forest, many venture out in search of a less hostile dwelling.
Goliaths- The stone people come from the mountains of the north. They are used to living in the more rounded parts of the mountains where their nomadic lifestyle lends itself to swifter movement through the terrain for hunting and fishing. Some can be seen in the higher, rockier parts of the mountains, but most don’t stay for long as little life can be supported on sharp terrain.

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