SwiftSwift is a one man army once all his puppets have entered the field. He control the puppets through a combination of primal energies focused into translucent, ethereal wires. His puppets serve multiple roles in combat.

Shield: a defensive combat puppet designed to shield Swift and his allies from attacks. This massive puppet appears as a golem with two large shields that it uses to slam enemies.

Strike: Primarily a support puppet which strikes enemies that adjacent allies attack. Appears to be a giant scorpion with 3 eyes .

Slither: A combat and support puppet. Most often used to attack or defend. Can channel
healing energies. Appears to be a giant snake.

Seethe: Seethe – A combat puppet that attacks foes in medium range and pulls them in for
future attacks. Appears as a quadrapedal creature with a prehensile tongue and two grasping
tentacles atop its back.



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