Alindria: Reforging Apocalypse

My Day as a Gladiator

King Aldred: Now, Magi, you may begin… entertain me with tales of this heroic man and his companions.
Royal Advisor: Yes, my King. “The 12th of Highsun. 1577. The Year of the Blooming Rose.”
King Aldred: Umm…Highsun…Magi?
Royal Advisor: Yes, my lord. That was the end of their summer, Sire.
King Aldred: Very good, Magi, continue.
Royal Advisor: Yes, my lord. “Today might have been the worst day of my life. As I was walking home, getting ready to turn in for the night, I heard a rustling in the bushes. When I turned to see what was behind me, expecting some fox or other small creature, I saw nothing… I heard nothing but the wind… and then it happened. I felt a sharp knock on the back of my skull and I felt myself falling… and then floating, floating in the blackness of my own mind. I awoke to see a great flash of light and feel a rush of wind. I remember the descriptions of portals that the elders talked about when I was very young, before the war, when magic was tame, but this couldn’t be a portal. None exist anymore except for very strong Magi. No way that would have been a portal… but then, how did I end up here… in this cell. How did I travel so far, so quickly… so hidden. I was forced to fight alongside 5 other people in a gladiatorial arena. We were somewhere hot. I only found out from another slave who has been fighting here for over 30 years that we are in the city of Estix. We are in… Sumeria. How I got this far down into Sumeria the gods only know. Maybe it was a portal, but who could use magic that strong, and what do they want with me? However, my new gladiator team members and I make no plans on staying here for thirty years. Oh no, we are plotting a way out through the sewers. Through a grate guarded by a malicious half-orc named Grimsmash. We are privy to the information that he hates rats. How we can use that information to our advantage… only time will tell."



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